• Carbon Coop

    United Kingdom

    Carbon Coop

    United Kingdom

    Carbon Co-op is an energy services co-operative based in the Greater Manchester city region in the UK which was setup in 2006 and constituted in 2011. Originally founded to undertake deep renovation of homes, it has now expanded its efforts into the area of smart energy and flexibility with the aim of becoming a combined aggregator/ESCO. It’s over 400 members and 10 staff work collectively to reduce their carbon emissions and promote carbon reduction measures to their communities across the North West of England.


    This pilot will install and test COFY-box based systems and aggregator tools in 50 homes and small businesses in the Greater Manchester region with a focus on providing new control and enabling flexibility from equipment such as immersion water heaters, storage heaters, and electric vehicle chargers.

  • Interview with the UK pilot site manager

    Matt Fawcett (Carbon Co-op) explains how the REScoopVPP tools support their cooperative and members!

  • REScoopVPP community tools being tested

    In the REScoopVPP project, Carbon Co-op is demonstrating project outputs in over 50 houses in the Greater Manchester area and wider UK.

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    Optimise self-consumption

    Carbon Coop supports members that have solar panels on their roof, to optimise their energy consumption, by using electricity at moments when their own solar panels are producing it.

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    Reduce energy costs

    Carbon Coop supports its members in energy cost optimization, in order to react to the dynamic time-of-use tariffs which already exist and are widely used in the UK.

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    Explicit demand response

    Through the PowerShaper service, Carbon Coop enables householders to connect their smart meters to a web service and support their distribution network operator in managing congestion on the grid.

  • Making another step towards the energy transition

    Ownership of different aspects of the energy value chain is an important value to pursue by citizen energy cooperatives. As a mission driven organisation, Carbon Coop facilitates their members’ contribution to fighting climate change through decarbonisation of the energy system and other service areas.

    REScoopVPP provides opportunities for Carbon Coop and its members.


    The new flexibility activities will give members insights into their home energy usage and can also, in many cases, lead to reductions in energy costs and improvements in their quality of life. Most importantly, these activities will enable Carbon Coop’s members to increase their renewable consumption to further move towards sustainable lifestyles!

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