• We're an EU project developing energy flexibility tools by co-ops for co-ops!



    The main aim of REScoopVPP is to set-up a community-driven virtual power plant that can actually provide flexibility services to the grid and contributes to a 100% share of renewable energy sources into the grid.

    Start - June 2020

    12 project partners

    5 pilot sites

    Tools for a community-driven flexibility system

  • Our approach


    REScoopVPP develops a cooperative approach to Virtual Power Plants through open standards, open source software and collaborative licensing of smart energy management tools with high standards for data protection while maintaining independency from commercial interests


    REScoopVPP demand response and forecasting tools will strengthen cooperatives as innovative Citizen Energy Communities.


    Environmental, economic and social community benefits are set as primary purpose for developing flexibility tools.


    Open source software and collaborative licensing will make our tools accessible to a wide ecosystem of cooperative actors.


    A European entity will be set up to ensure that the REScoopVPP tools will be shared as the most advanced community-driven energy solution in Europe.

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