• Energent/Ecopower




    Energent is a Belgian cooperative over 1200 members founded in 2013 and located in Ghent. Energent is active in the fields of renewable energy projects, energy efficiency and energy services. EnerGent facilitated more than 350 of its members in improving energy efficiency in their houses and assisted about 450 household in PV installation.


    Ecopower is a Belgian cooperative with nearly 60.000 members, equally spread over the Flanders region. It has 23 wind turbines; 3 small hydro power installations, 1 co-generation installation and 322 decentralised solar PV installations on the roofs of schools, public buildings and houses.


    The Belgian pilot will work further on the results of the ‘Buurzame Stroom’ project and the Interreg project cVPP. It will gather 50 users to test the COFY-box and focus on the integration and optimisation of self-generated electricity for heating and cooling.

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