• Our pilot sites

    The REScoopVPP solutions are undergoing a large-scale experimentation in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and the UK. Each of these pilot sites fulfil a specific function and business model in the context of a real electricity market actor.

  • The energy system of the future

    Addressing climate change means moving to a 100% renewable energy system. However, there is a major difficulty for the electricity system: sun and wind are variable, and electricity cannot be easily stored at large scale. That’s why electricity consumers will have to be able to react to the availability of energy in the near future.

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  • A user-centered approach

    With the help of digital tools, citizens can gain control over their electricity consumption and adapt themselves to the constraints of renewable energy.


    REScoopVPP designs a product that answers the needs and expectations of its future users.

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    Support the stability of the grid

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    Use primarily renewable energy whenever available

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    Lower energy bills