• Enercoop




    Enercoop is a French cooperative retailer founded in 2004. It is now a network of 11 cooperatives throughout France with more than 41.000 members and 95.000 clients.


    This pilot will test the effectiveness of the REScoopVPP tools, their acceptability for end-customers as well as their real impact in imbalance management. For this, Enercoop will involve about 20 of its French residential consumers.


    Enercoop will broadcast an implicit demand response signal to favour demand shift according to its own balancing needs. In this regard, the pilot will test the ability to use flexibility directly to balance the perimeter of a retailer (without selling it to ancillary market) in order to exploit even small-scale capacities.

  • Interview with the French pilot site manager

    Lucie Anizon (Enercoop) explains how the REScoopVPP tools support their cooperative and members!

  • REScoopVPP community tools being tested

    Enercoop aims to strengthen citizens’ grip on innovative services in the energy sector. REScoopVPP enables the cooperative to shift consumption and optimize the use of renewables, but also empowers the members, active citizens, to be a part of the solution.

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    Optimise self-consumption

    Enercoop supports members that have solar panels on their roof, to optimise their energy consumption, by using electricity at moments when their own solar panels are producing it. Self-consumers are still much less common in France than in neighboring countries, but there is a growing trend and Enercoop wants to encourage citizen-owned energy production.

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    Enercoop is developping a set of forecasting tools to better anticipate energy demand and production for a portfolio of customers. By using these forecasting tools, Enercoop will make most use of the flexibility potential provided by members' homes, encouraging them to consume when Enercoop's portfolio production facilities produce.

  • Making another step towards the energy transition

    Ownership and understanding of different aspects of the energy value chain is an important value to pursue by citizen energy cooperatives. As a mission driven organisation, Enercoop facilitates their members’ contribution to fighting climate change through decarbonisation of the energy system and other service areas.

    The new flexibility activities will inform and empower members, in many cases, lead to reductions in energy costs and improvements in their quality of life. Most importantly, these activities will enable Enercoop’s members to increase their renewable consumption to further move towards sustainable lifestyles!

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