• What we do

    REScoopVPP gathers cooperatives across Europe to create solutions supporting flexibility services for energy communities: increased self-consumption, dynamic pricing and explicit demand response.

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    The REScoopVPP project aims to bring different initiatives throughout Europe together to form the largest and most advanced community-driven open smart building eco-system for citizen energy communities and energy cooperatives in particular. The main goal of the ecosystem is to enable end-users to lower overall energy consumption and to use primarily renewable energy whenever available.

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    The Community-driven Flexibility ecosystem (COFY) consists of a COFYbox that enables the project to make existing buildings smarter, as well as a set of community tools (COFYcloud) targeted at renewable energy cooperatives and energy communities to organise themselves as aggregators, retailers of renewable energy or ESCOs.


    The cofybox is based on a Raspbery Pi and other off-the-shelf devices. Its operating system and parts of the COFYcloud are open source.

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    Among many things, the COFYcloud calculates the price of each kWh in order to shift consumption to the best hours.


    The COFYcloud includes a set of tools for communities and their members:

    - Personal dashboard

    - Aggregated community data

    - Forecasting for communities (ENDA)

    - Future price matrix

    - Powershaper OpenADR flex

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    Our goal

    REScoopVPP aims at enabling comfortable lifestyles while consuming only renewable energy and minimizing the CO2 impact of end-users. While this appears too complex for individuals, the organisation in energy communities enables to address this challenge collectively and in a trustful manner.

  • Project information

    Project start & end date

    1 June 2020 - 30 November 2023


    € 4 523 437,50

    Grant agreement

    ID: 893240

    More info on European Commission's website: