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Smart home solution: can cooperatives make it happen?

Throw-back to REScoopVPP session during's AGM 2021

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From the 22nd until the 24th of April energy communities across Europe gathered virtually to discuss the past community energy year while looking ahead to what is to come. 

The REScoop VPP consortium contributed to the program with a session on smart home solutions.

During the workshop, the REScoopVPP partners shared with other REScoops their ambition to create the most advanced community-driven smart building ecosystem for energy communities. With individual and collective self-consumption, smart supply or aggregation tools, energy cooperatives are looking forward to taking the next step in decentralising the energy system and accelerating the spread of renewables. 

This workshop succesfully presented the REScoopVPP tools and services and managed to get feedback from our fellow European cooperatives and broader community on the REScoopVPP developments. 

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After a detailed introduction, we split into 2 break-out sessions: 

  • The first one focused on participant's ideas for the future energy market. What should the ecosystem offer for your cooperative to start collaborating with us? What services should these tools focus on?  
  • The second one targeted our more geeky technology freek, and introduced the developed tools and related technology. Our tech partners showed the participants how it works, what technology is used and where to start yourself! 

Recording and presentation

You can find the presentation of the workshop here.

Recording of the introduction and break-out session 1:

Recording of break-out session 2: