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REScoopVPP newsletter - November 2021

Learn more about the project activities through the eyes of the people working on them and more

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In the second REScoopVPP newsletter you can find:

  • More information about the COFYbox
  • Interview with Malte Zieher, project manager. "It is becoming more and more important to think of how to use renewable energy"
  • Interview with Vincent Dierickx, REScoopVPP technical coordinator. “The REScoopVPP tools decrease the total energy cost for the local citizens”
  • Interview with Ine Swennen, REScoopVPP pilot sites coordinator. "The results will enable cooperatives to keep the ownership of the residential flexibility"

For inspiration...

  • Recording of the “Energy community engagement in local flexibility markets” workshop of the EU Sustainable Energy Week
  • transposition tracker
  • Recording of the the session on how to develop an open smart home ecosystem for and by citizen energy communities at the Sustainable Places conference 2021

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