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Energy Storage Global Conference

Presenting the REScoopVPP project

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REScoopVPP will be featured in 2 sessions at the "Energy Storage Global Conference". This conference brings together industry, researchers and policymakers to exchange views on key issues for the storage sector. Storage is an important component to increase flexibility. 

Therefore, the REScoopVPP partners will present their storage solutions as part of our community-driven open smart building eco-system for REScoops and citizen energy communities. 

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Below you can find an overview of events that REScoopVPP partners will be participating in:

  • Wednesday 20 October, 16h15 - 17h30 

"2.6 a Decentralised Storage Systems - Citizens and Energy Storage – Energy Transition in the Grassroots Level", presentation by Roland Tual,

This session will discuss which Member States are implementing innovative solutions to enable citizens’ energy communities, new business models for consumers investing in generation and storage, citizen engagement, aggregation, and EV integration.

  • Thursday 21 October, s14h30- 15h45 

"3.6 a Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage", presentation by Ben Aylott, Carbon Co-op

Speakers will give an overview of the different energy storage technologies installed in residential homes as well as commercial & industrial facilities (batteries, thermal storage, power-to-x for industrial consumers and/or other technologies). They will explain the maturity and deployment status of different technologies, and discuss their applications and services. Speakers will also address barriers to the deployment of these technologies such as: network use costs for behind-the-meter, integration of storage with other smart energy technologies & solutions (smart homes, EV charging, IT platforms), aggregation, internet of things and demand response (peer-to-peer, prosumers).