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Energy sharing regulation in the EU

REScoopVPP's first policy and market recommendations

REScoopVPP review of energy sharing regulation is out!

This REScoopVPP report focuses on the regulation of energy sharing in 9 different European countries and the UK. It provides a systematic assessment of the existing framework according to 5 perspectives: (1) Key aspects of energy sharing regulation, (2) Allocation of roles, (3) Technical rules for energy sharing, (4) Economics and (5) Availability of information and facilitation.

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“Flanders in Belgium has a very strict interpretation of the REDII directive with energy communities being the only ones entitled to share energy, whereas Spain have generalised the right for self-consumption of renewable energy beyond the building. That’s only one example of the various learnings we’ve made through this report.”

The report concludes with a series of 19 recommendations and takeaways to improve the regulation of existing and future national regulations.