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Digital collaboration is still alive!

The outcome of REScoopVPP in terms of digital collaboration among cooperatives has been presented at the European Energy Community Forum 2024 on May 13.

The session gathered experienced cooperatives in their use of digital technologies.

As an introduction, Roland from presented the recent achievements of the Flexibility working group : The REScode platform has been created to share open source tools available in the cooperative network and a set of developers channels are being created for cooperative IT expert to support on another in the implementation of the tools.

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Then, each speakers introduced digital tools that made a difference for their cooperative: Matt Fawcett from The Carbon Co-op (UK), introduced the PowerShaper, a service enabling their member to support the local grid with automated flexibility. Laia Rosell i Sancho from Som Energia (ES) introduced the Som Comunitats, an energy sharing platform co-developed by 7 social economy actors and supported by the regional govt. Finally, Ulfert Höhne and Hemma Bieser from OurPower (AT) introduced OurPower’s digital marketplace enabling their clients to choose their energy producers among the 320 cooperatives members registered on the platform.

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All the sessions participants then add the opportunity to exchange with the speakers in different groups. The discussions mentioned the recruiting of digital skills, collaborations with IT services providers, the limited but interesting role of open source, among many other things.

The slides from the event are available here.